Church on the Parkway Series

How does a small rural church on the fringes of the Washington, DC suburbs fare during the seventies and eighties? Follow the adventures of several colorful characters and witness the work of the Holy Spirit.

Church for Sale

Available for Kindle and in paperback.

In the mid-1970s, a battle rages over a small country church on the fringes of the DC suburbs. As the numbers of the faithful dwindle and the budget gets tight, the enemy thinks his battle’s almost won when the congregation votes to sell its property along Sully Parkway.

But the battle is not what it seems. For years, people have been praying for Open Door Church, a church that God loves. Despite the church’s bleak prospects, God is encouraging faithful disciples, challenging discouraged servants, and preparing a harvest field in front of the members’ eyes.

Will the changing times distort the gospel beyond recognition, or will the gospel itself change lives?

Church on Fire

Available for Kindle and in paperback.

A mere spark can set a church on fire. Pastor Brian Watson and the Open Door Church leaders are fanning the gospel flames. Sunday messages are now built upon the bedrock of scriptural truth; the shifting sands of cultural trends are out.

Then Open Door’s resident diva concocts an outlandish plan for celebrating the US bicentennial. The fledgling ministry to the homeless takes off but also takes up too much Sunday school space.

As attendance skyrockets, will controversy explode?

Will the church fall apart before it’s gotten on its feet?